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What do FRPs do? 

FRPs deliver specific programs and services that support the Early Development Instrument's (EDI) developmental domains:

  • Physical health and well-being;

  • Social competence

  • Emotional maturity

  • Language and cognitive development

  • Communication skills and general knowledge


FRPs programs and services support the following positive outcomes:




  • Gain resources, knowledge, and/or skills 

  • Improve health and health-related behaviours 

  • Enhance family protective factors and reduce risk factors 

  • Enrich family functioning and build connections

  • Increase parenting capacity and foster well-being 

Programs & Services

Each FRP in Nova Scotia has developed its program and service offerings over time, based on learned experiences, feedback, and in response to identified community needs. As a result, Nova Scotia has a Provincial network of FRPs offering a range of service experience options.

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Programs & Services: Services

“Dealing with stress, I have learned if you keep everything in you break down. I know I always have someone to talk to at the centre. I am beginning to trust people.”

Longterm FRP Participant

“If I did not have the opportunity to attend the

program and meet such friendly and pleasant people, I don't think I would be coping as well as I am...”

Longterm FRP Participant

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